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Solar Energy


Here’s how our systems work:

Solar Systems are ingenious in design and function. We use Enphase Microinverters and Solar World panels that are made in Oregon.

  • Energy from the Sun is FREE, renewable and practically instantaneous. We will put Solar System modules on or near your home. These modules collect clean, safe energy from the sun. The conversion from sunlight into electricity occurs quickly and simply – with no moving parts to wear out.
  • An inverter box converts the solar electricity (DC current) into AC current, the correct form of electricity that your home uses.
  • Your solar power system sends any excess power to your local utility for credit, and your home meter actually runs backward when your system is generating more power than your home is using. All your solar electricity generation is reflected in your utility bill reduction. You save money on every watt produced.

An optional Solar Monitor system will display up-to-date electrical production and usage, so you can see how much of your home's electricity demand is being met by your solar system. Turn off appliances and lights and watch your household usage decrease!

Your home does not recognize where the electricity came from and will continue to perform normally. The only difference you will notice is lower electricity bills.

*We currently work with a few finance companies for Solar. Please visit Hero Program or YGrene for additional information.






Photos Of Mountain Aire's Solar System


These are the solar panels (Click to view large image)

This is the Inverter

C-20 & C-46
35680 Highway 41, Coarsegold,
California 93614

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